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Travelling tips

S.T.S. is a well established international travel company in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. S.T.S. tours are mixes of what you want and what we can do for safe and satisfying trips.


- The traditional greeting gestures are head nodding or Buddhist’s praying

- The handshake is becoming more common for both men and women.

- Bargaining is a must when shopping at markets or shops

- Keep your feet on the ground where they belong

- Stay calm and smile when the locals make mistakes to you

- Practice eating with chopsticks (in Vietnam, Japan, Korea and China)

- Bring light clothes, some long pants, shirts with sleaves, shorts,
T-shirts, swimming suits etc except in Winter (December to March).

- Bring your own medication for normal stomach problems, headache, cold, insect bites, etc.

- Tipping is not customary in those countries, but will be highly appriciated by guides, drivers, hotel and restaurant staff.


- Don't wear shoes inside some temples, pagodas, homes, guesthouses or shops

- Don't show much money, jewelry, or expensive belongings while hanging around in big cities, which may attract pick-pocketters.

- Don't touch adult people on the head or unknown women.

- Don’t leave a pair of chopsticks sticking vertically in a rice bowl because it looks very similar to the incense sticks which are burned for the dead.

- Don’t eat much raw vegetable and don’t drink ice not from a good source of water.

- Don’t drink water from the tap